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Idrætshøjskolen Bosei


Sports College Bosei is a unique People's High School with a Japanese twist!

We warmly welcome you to one of our half yearly courses:

Spring: January-June (24 weeks)
Autumn: August-December (19 weeks) 

Bosei is a People's Hgh School which places emphasis upon the physical, intellectual and spiritual development of the individual.


At Bosei, it is possible to choose one or two of the following main subjects:

Judo | Karate-do | Taekwondo | Outdoor | Health & Fitness | eSport | Japanese. We also arrange study trips to Japan, biannually and Okinawa and Korea once a year.


The College was previously a satellite campus belonging to Tokai University in Tokyo and the College has maintained these strong links with Japan ever since. Bosei whishes to continue sharing the traditions of its Japanese heritage and the College is the forefront of European schools, which specialize in East Asian Culture.


At Bosei we have the facilities for a number of sports (martial arts, swimming, fitness, calisthenics, volleyball, badminton, soccer, tennis and more) but the school has more to offer than that. There is plenty of opportunity for you to immerse yourself in outdoor activities, music, Asian culture, arts, shiatsu, meditation, yoga, communication, Language and philosophy.

You live, eat and learn at the school. You design your own schedule and there will be no examination at the end. Evolve your personality and enhance your mental health in an international environment. Here you can also boost your English skills on a daily basis.

Please do not hesitate to visit Boseis english text version website for information about prices, detailed subject descriptions and how to register.

If you have any questions about a possible term at Bosei or moving to Denamrk, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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Subjects & themes


You may select from the following subjects:
Judo | Karate-do | Taekwondo | Outdoor | Health & Fitness | eSport | Japanese



These subjects you may select as you please. Some subjects are being offered once or twice per week over the entire course, others run for a shorter period of time: Music | Japanese Culture | Meditation | Shiatsu | Yoga | Swimming | Korean Culture | Climbing | Martial Arts Fitness | Manga | Cosplay | Volleyball  Crossfit | Self Defense | etc.

Please feel free to read more about the main subjects below or at our website


On the Martial Arts-line you choose one of our three core disciplines: karate-do, judo, or taekwondo. The teaching will be structured in a way that takes every participants individual level into account.


Karate-do is Japanese meaning "empty hand" - the art of defending yourself without weapons.

Some styles in karate can trace their roots back to ancient China. The Okinawa Goju-ryu karate, which Kayle Larsen (4th dan) teaches at Bosei, is a self-defence-system based on a combination of fast, slow, linear and circular techniques. What makes karate effective is that you automatize the basic blockings, hits, kicks and movements by repeating them over and over again in different series and combinations, with or without an opponent.

The daily training is aimed at developing physical as well as mental abilities. Every lesson begins with a short meditation session, and the training focuses on strength and endurance as well as flexibility, balance, coordination and speed. The mind thus gets stronger too, and this combination of physical and mental training makes you function better in your daily life. It doesn't matter whether you are a novice or a well-trained fighter since karate is individual training within the team. 


Judo is Japanese meaning the gentle way.

With judo as a major subject you will learn the close combat. You will be trained on your own level, form novice to elite-fighter. If you are new in the discipline, we will teach you the basic techniques - perhaps we'll start out with an "uchimata-gaeshi" or similar. The Danish U-19 National Team Coach Thor Rasmussen will be your daily teacher, and that means serious training!

You will get to participate in exhibition matches and probably also grading sessions, and due to our unique collaboration with Tokai University you will get the opportunity to train with the best Japanese judokas.    



Taekwondo is Korean and combines the three words Tae (foot/kick) Kwon (hand/hit) Do (the way to do it).

Taekwondo is distinguishable from other disciplines as a highly developed system of techniques, with kicking being the most important. Taekwondo deepens your understanding of the body and is like other marital arts based on values like patience and mutual respect.

The daily teacher will be former National Team Coach Master Ko Tai Jeong (9th dan). With Master Ko in charge you'll get a training of the highest possible quality, whether you are a beginner or a skilled fighter. You will be taught taekwondo on a level that is appropriate for you, and there will be grading sessions during the course.
On the Martial Arts-line most of the teaching will be split into the three core disciplines. However there will be common physical training and meditation and common classes in the theory and history of martial arts. You will also have opportunity to train with the local aikido-club and try out other martial arts like Taekkyyon.



Health and fitness combines a lot of physical training with mental training. We will do a lot of physical exercises everyday using weights, our own bodies, games and anything else that comes to mind, that can help us get fit and healthy.

Part of the class is theoretical. You will learn the most effective way to work out your body, and you will know more about nutrition and anatomy.

Part of Health & Fitness is meditation and shiatsu classes. During the active meditation classes, you will learn how to concentrate while repeating a series of slow movements. You will learn how to control the energy of your body through the traditional East Asian techniques taught by South Korean Ko Tai-Jeong.

Balance is the keyword. Balance between body and mind. Balance between exercise and rest. Balance between how much you eat and how much you exercise.



The outdoor Line is a combination of classes in our 25 meter swimming pool and our beautiful surroundings in the southern part of the Danish island Zealand. We are going to climb the trees in the woods right outside our school and you will be able to try wall climbing as well. We will enjoy the sea in canoes and kayaks. You will learn how to make your own knife. You will ride through the woods on mountain bikes.

During the winter months we are going to use the swimming pool a bit more than usual. We are going to play kayak polo. We are going to cross the pool on a slackline. And we are going to improve our swimming techniques and underwater skills.

The Outdoor Lineis the best way to enjoy a stay in Denmark.



Bosei is the first People's High School in Denmark presenting eSport as a main subject. Today we offer lines within League of Legens, CS:GO and Overwatch. At Bosei eSport is not just a game! We also teach you how to teamplay, to communicate in a team, doing teambuilding and look at carriere possibilites in the upcomming world of eSport.



You may choose one of the offered languages: Japanese or English.


Many young Danish (and other Scandinavian) people possess a good command of English. You have probably learned to understand and speak English and are capable of expressing yourself in writing. But if you plan to study or work in English-speaking countries, you may find that your language qualifications are not quite adequate.

At Bosei you will learn English at a level sufficient to enable you to manage well in a study or work environment in an English-speaking country.

Classes/teaching are arranged in various levels, which ensures that all pupils obtain optimum instruction and development. We guarantee these targets by using only teachers whose mother tongue is either British or American English.


The languages of the Far East are the languages of the future. And the future has already begun! Chinese and Japanese are a prerequisite for any Danish company doing business in China or Japan.

At Bosei you will be taught basic Japanese. Japanese is completely different from Indo-European languages. Limited progress will be possible in five months. However, you will learn to understand and communicate in simple conversation. You will also learn how write and read Japanese texts.

In addition, you will be instructed regarding: Japanese culture; way of life and thinking; religion; and politics.

In mid course, students may participate in a two week-long study tour to Japan. The study tour is not a mandatory part of the course, and must be paid for separately. We will be able to advise accurately on the price of the tours by the beginning of the respective courses. Study tour participants will be housed at Tokai University's lodging or dormitories near Tokyo, and will have a chance to attend various classes at the University depending on language ability. Students will be exposed to Japanese culture, industry and technology and participate in sight-seeing. Cost of the study tour is determined by the prevailing airfare and sightseeing trip fees. In Japan, Tokai University will provide the program, accommodations and meals during the period of studies and training.

Practical information

What is the price of a long course?

Please do not hesitate to visit Boseis english text version website for information about prices, detailed subject descriptions and how to register.

If you need any further information regarding our courses, facilities, accomodation, renting possibilities or whatever elese you may have in mind please contact us by phone or e-mail. 


May I use the swimming pool?

Yes, you may and free of charge! However, only when two life guards are on duty. At the beginning of each long course, students will be offered a lifeguard training course free of charge. Once two lifeguard graduates have signed-up for lifeguard duty, the swimming pool will be opened to all students. Please bring swim suits. 


May I use the soccer field and tennis courts?

Bosei is equipped with one soccer field and two tennis courts. All are open for your use, weather permitting. Please bring suitable shoes and tennis racket etc.


Can I do my laundry at Bosei?

Yes, there are washing machines and dryers in the basements of the accommodation wings. The machines are free of charge, and the school provides you with the detergents.

What about bedding?

We provide international students with duvet, pillow and bed linen (sheets, pillowcase and duvet cover). Please specify in the application if you bring your own bedding.


Idrætshøjskolen Bosei
Evensølundvej 5
4720 Præstø
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Telefon: 55 90 90 90

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