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Den Internationale Højskole


International People's College (IPC)

We are an extraordinary Danish Folk High School with students from all over the world! Every term we have more than 65 students from more than 25 countries across the World. At International People's College you can dream away with a Brazilian, eat with a Japanese, discuss politics with a Nigerian or listen to music with an American. We offer you a chance to have a party with the entire World!

Our aim for the last 90 years has been to raise awareness on peace, promote cultural openness and contribute to a world where diversity will be seen as a benefit to us all and not an obstacle. We do this by fostering intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding through an intensive and diverse study program that will challenge your views and ideas.


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So what is a Folk High School?!

The Danish Folk High Schools, amongst which International People's College is the only truly international, are all part of a non-formal educational system, with an emphasis on dialogue and debate. Where the many qualities of the students are used in and outside of classes, and where you will come to LOVE to LEARN!

Being a student at International People's College is much like living in a small Global Village, where there are no rights or wrongs, no borders, and only your imagination is the limit!

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What do we offer at IPC?

  • An extraordinary opportunity to learn about and discover the diversity of culture across borders, of people, of thoughts and ideas in a joyful environment!
  • Learn or improve your English in an English speaking environment, both in class and outside of classes
  • Pick your own schedule from a huge selection of creative and academic classes
  • Meet the World, Discover Denmark and Challenge Yourself


Who can become students at IPC?

Everyone! As long as you:

  • Are at least 18 years old (or will be 18 years in the term when you begin studying at IPC)
  • Have a decent knowledge of English
  • Are willing to have the time of your life!

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Subjects & themes

The starting point of any class at The International People's College is the diversity of our students. The energy and the inspiration that comes out of that cannot be taught, it has to be discovered by being here! What you will learn though, is how to use this energy and inspiration that only happens when cultures engage, to become more knowledgeable, better and more skilled in using yourself and others - and have fun at the same time!

Every term the best teachers from around the World offer more than 30 different subjects. In this way you are allowed to mix and match your weekly schedule as you see fit! So you can try out a lot of different subjects or immerse yourself into your specific interest.

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We offer:

Current Affairs • Development Management • Self-Expression • Band Playing • Global Challenges • Drama • Environmental Studies • Movie Making • Sports • English • Latin American Studies • Effective Teamwork • Photography • Danish History and Culture • Exploring Written English • Spiritual Development • Contemporary Media and Journalism • European Culture • World Cinema • Democracy and Active Global Citizenship • Professional English • Political Philosophy • African Drum and Dance • Choir • Peace and Conflict Studies • AND MUCH MORE!

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Practical information

International People's College is located in Helsingør, about one kilometer away from the ocean and from the historical 'Kronborg Slot'. Furthermore it is possible to take the train to central Copenhagen several times doing the hour - it only takes 45 minutes to get there! In this way you get the best from two different worlds - the beautiful and peaceful scenery in Helsingør, and the rytmic pulse of the capital city of Denmark.

IPC offers spring & Autumn Terms of 8 or 24 weeks - visit our website - for further information!


You can also follow us on Instagram to get an insight in the daily life at IPC or 'like' our Facebook page International Peoples' College and read reviews from former students! You can also visit our youtube channel here:


Den Internationale Højskole
Montebello Allé 1
3000 Helsingør
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