Brandbjerg Højskole


Start dates in 2016: 28th of March, 15th of Aug. and 19th of Sept. 

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We believe in

  • A school with attitude and a sense of humour
  • Diversity, philanthropy and sustainability
  • Danish and international network for life


We know that

  • "Size matters" - therefore max. 65 students
  • A close relationship to the teachers makes a huge difference


We have

  • A young and enthusiastic team of teachers with lots of experience
  • An almost equal number of male and female students
  • A beautiful canyon in the backyard, a mansion and a parc
  • Shower and toilet in all rooms
  • Sport, art, music and film facilities


We create

  • Intense school with a high level of student initiative
  • Meaningful teaching in constant development
  • School for students who wish to invest in life


Subjects & themes

Main subjects:

Meaningful projects and events

We offer you a complete and intense meeting with creative processes as they unfold from the original idea to a successful project. Eventlab at Brandbjerg Højskole provides you with the right creative environment where your dreams will be developed and carried out in the shape of real projects. You will work with the role of the project manager and acquire the necessary tools to become one your self. Finally you will experience great events - events reaching far beyond your own world perspective.

Rocks your world

Brandbjerg Højskole has a strong and recognized music tradition. Music also plays an important part in Brandbjerg's overall creative environment. We both have an eye for individual musical training and for the team spirit. Whether we are touring together, playing concerts at the Jelling Music Festival or producing our own CD we're all into the sheer pleasure of playing music. Whether you're aiming for a music career or for digging music as a hobby our special environment will provide you with the right amount of guidance and challenge.

Expeditions in the Danish nature

Discover the Danish nature with the outdoor subject on Brandbjerg Højskole. You will explore nature's vast potential and meet experiences, challenges and movement out of the ordinary. You will learn how to plan and carry out your own expeditions together with your team. Last but no least you will improve your skills within some of the following outdoor disciplines: Kayak, skiing, Mountainbike, adventure race, tree climbing and rapelling.

Optional subjects:

Science of philosophy
Religion & Anthropology
Salsa (music)
Vocal performance
Psysical training
Ball games
Adventure sport
Body language & storytelling

Self development
Digital photography
Film science
Film production

Danish language

Being international at Brandbjerg:

Some Folk High Schools have Danish language and culture as a main subject. We don't. We believe that the best way for you to get integrated with the Danish students and the other international students is to be on the same main subjects (Eventlab, Music or Outdoor). At Brandbjerg Højskole Danish culture is mandatory 1,5 hours pr. week, whereas Danish language is optional 3 hours pr. week. 25-30% of the students at Brandbjerg are international, the rest are Danish.


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Brandbjerg Højskole
Brandbjergvej 12
7300 Jelling
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Telefon: 75 87 15 00

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