Vrå Højskole



Study at Vrå Højskole & find what YOU are good at

12 - 40 weeks of Folk High School in Denmark

Music - electronic music - songwriting - roleplaying - media - photography - art - design - bodyculture - litterature - mathematics - danish - podcast - chess

At Vrå Højskole you'll have more than 30 classes, that you can choose from. You get to decide if you want to focus on one specific area, or if you want a more diverse school schedule. The study trip is included in your stay.

Study at one of the countries oldest Folk High Schools, experience the traditions - and be a part of creating new ones, Find what you're good at - and discover friendships for life.

From august 2018 a new photo cooperation with PixlArt begins, for you who wants to work professionally with the photography.

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Subjects & themes


Create your own schedule

You can choose between more than 30 subjects.


Art and design theory, painting and sculpture, art laboratory


Use yout body:
Role-playing games, yoga, body culture, it out there, outdoor life, football, kickboxing, running


Elektronic music, rythmical music, song writing


Text and illustrations:
Media, podcast, photography, movie and discussion, litterature, story-slam, short movie. From august 2018 you can take an intensive photo course, which will prepare you for an education as a professionel photographer.


Needle & thread:
Fashion & design, art with thread, grandma skills, textile print


School subjects:
Danish as a 2nd language, mathematics, danish


Life & conversation:
Etiquette, news, grow up

Practical information

Every day life:
We begin with breakfast and morning assembly. The mornings goes by with subjects of your own choosing until we meet for lunch. After a short break the afternoon contines with subjects. After dinner the can be arrangements.


Uneven wednesdays:
Every second wednesday there is communal eating in the evening at the school. Where visitors from the town and nearby area comes by. Everyone must attend to the evening assembly at 7.30 pm.


Take care of each other:
We are going to be living close to each other, so it is important to respect and help others. All students will be assigned to dormitories where they share cleaning and kitchen duty.


Vrå Højskole is located in northern jutland, 54 km from Aalborg, Brønderslev and the Western Sea. The train stops in Vrå and there is only 400 m from the station to the school.


Practical info:
No smoking indoors. There is wireless internet on the entire school. Special diet to allergics, diabetics and vegetarians can be ordered when signing up.


Wireless internet. Access to the fitness center in Vrå. The schools workshop is free to use 24/7.


At Vrå Højskole we have an unique oppotunity for thorough guidance. This applies for both study and career but also mentor guidance.


Vrå Højskole
Højskolevej 1 A
9760 Vrå
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Telefon: 98 98 10 10

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