Vestjyllands Højskole


Vestjyllands Højskole is a cultural folk highschool with focus on creative subjects and sustainability. Here you can spend between 3 and 8 months improving your skills in dance, music, theatre, painting, ceramics and sustainability. You can fill your schedule with one of the subjects, or you can make a mix of more of them.

As a student you have to choose 21 lessons per week. On top of that there are 7 compulsory lessons a week. The compulsory lessons include morning assemblies, day trips to the local area, theatre plays, concerts and lectures. The 7 compulsory lessons give all students and teachers a common ground to interact and understand each other.

Our teachers mainly work on the school, but they are often invited to participate in professional projects elsewhere. They have been nominated to and/or received prizes of theatre, dance, literature and design. They have released CDs, staged theater plays, made exhibitions or published books. So for sure you will get stimulated in the creative field.

The school has a history of involvement in ecology and sustainability. Our green chefs in the kitchen produce delicious ecological food, we are selfsupplying with renewable energy from sun, wind and geothermical heating. One of our subjects is ecology and everybody gets lectures on the topic.

There is a rich social life on the school and we have a film comittee, a party commitee, poems at lunch everyday and other daily cultural and social meetings.

Vestjyllands Højskole - trailer from Vestjyllands Højskole on Vimeo.

Subjects & themes

Dance, music, singing, art (painting and ceramics), theatre, Writer, Cooking class, ecology and sustainability.

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Practical information

Visit our website to read more about our subjects and school life in general: www.


Vestjyllands Højskole
Skraldhedevej 8
6950 Ringkøbing
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