Suhrs Højskole


5 Good Reasons to Complete a course at Suhrs 

  • Gain knowledge regarding food and raw ingredients -both international and Danish cuisines.
  • Gain knowledge regarding health, sustainability, and lifestyle.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the Danish culture
  • Attend school without having homework or exams in central Copenhagen!
  • Interact with Danish youth in an exciting creative environment, while living in the middle of central Copenhagen.

Subjects & themes

- Food - ingredients, gastronomy, world cuisine, foodtrends.

- Events - project management, eventbuilding.

- Health - vitamins, ecological ingredients and good natural food

- Movetrition - movement, sport and nutrition

- Sustainabilty, environment and nature

- Culinary travel to Italy

Practical information

Practical Information

To attend a course at Madakademiet you must know how to speak and understand danish.

The course runs for from 6 to 44 weeks. You can choose either to be a day student, or a "boarding school student". There are rooms available for students to live in the cozy townhouse beside the school.


Prices per week during the school year 2012:

  • Day student: 875 kr. pr. week.
  • Boarding school student: 675 kr. pr. week.


Suhrs Højskole
Pustervig 8
1126 København K
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Telefon: 33 12 80 53

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