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Are you interested in meeting young people and learning more about Danish culture? At Silkeborg Højskole we welcome students from all countries who would like to study at a typical Danish folk high school (højskole).

Our courses take 4, 6 or 10 months. Besides studies in our special Danish language class, you have the opportunity of choosing among some 35 different subjects which will challenge and enlighten you.

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Subjects & themes

We offer five main subjects of which the four first mentioned are very suitable for non Danish-speaking students, whereas the last mentioned subject require fluency in Danish: 

  • Nature and Outdoor life
  • Music
  • Art Class
  • Sports and Water sports
  • Politics

We also offer common subjects such as:

  • Intercultural learning (in English)
  • Social change through art (in English)
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Literature
  • Pedagogics
  • Psychology
  • Ecology

And a large variety of optional subjects within:

  • Creative workshops
  • Music workshops
  • Sports

Practical information

At Silkeborg Højskole international involvement is an important part of our DNA. In both classes and social activities we try to encourage dialogue and understanding between our Danish students and students coming from different geographical and cultural backgrounds.

During your stay here, you will get the opportunity to improve your Danish in our Danish language class.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about e.g. financial support, length of courses and conditions in general governing studies at Silkeborg Højskole.


Silkeborg Højskole
Platanvej 12
8600 Silkeborg
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Telefon: 86 82 29 33

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