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Rønshoved Højskole - Højskolen ved Flensborg Fjord


Common & classic

Rønshoved højskole (founded 1921) is one of the few remaining commen classic folkehøjskoler (Folk High Schools) in Denmark. That implies that we build upon the core virtues of Grundtvig (1783-1872); Life enlightenment and enlightenment of the people. At Rønshoved Højskole it is not enough to acquire professional qualifications. As humans we need more than that to live by (qualifications), we also need something to live on (spirit/culture).

Daily life should be as enriching as festive days. Therefore you will encounter classical subjects like literature, psychology, philosophy and religion history at Rønshoved Højskole. In addition to this, you will be given a half-hour lecture each morning on a topic concerning a wide range of topics such as literature, history, politics or philosophy.

No fixed courses

We have no fixed courses (themes) at Rønshoved Højskole. Therefore you will discover that sports, music and the classic subjects are all in focus. The "enlightment of the people" part is based upon democracy, politics, sociology, cultural history as well as Danish and world history. This results in a lot of good discussions, as do the subjects of "life enlightenment."


Modern languages

We also offer a number of modern languages such as German, French as well as English literature. Rønshoved Højskole is furthermore the only højskole in Denmark that offers the antique languages and French! If you consider studying humanities or theology, Rønshoved Højskole is sure to be the right move.

Bredth of education

Since Rønshoved Højskole is broad (almen) which means that no subject is more important than another, we also offer sports, media and communication and even ceramics! During summertime you can learn to sail (Wayfarer dinghies) and you can try out our sea kayaks on the beautiful fiord of Flensborg right next to Rønshoved Højskole!


Music is in many ways an integral part of Rønshoved Højskole whether it be singing, band practice or piano! We offer individual tuition in piano and guitar.
We often have great jazz orchestras at Rønshoved Højskole since our lecture hall has a fantastic acoustic atmosphere. We are very fond of jazz, classic and rock music. 

Art in theory and practice

At Rønshoved Højskole we pay great attention to music and art history. Art is transformed into practice through art education. We learn how to paint, draw and work with clay.


Højskole in the borderlands

Rønshoved Højskole is the southernmost Højskole in Denmark. It was founded in 1921 in a region that borders the Federal Republic of Germany. Since then, minority issues have been a key concern of Rønshoved Højskole. One out of seven Europeans is a member of a national minority. South of the border, in Germany the Danish Minority has roughly 50.000 members. Most of them are inhabitants of Flensburg, a city of 140.000 inhabitants. 20% are Danes and the city has a Danish Lord Mayor. Flensburg is our nearest city. It's also a great place to do shopping along the beautiful streets. The city has Danish kindergartens and schools, a Danish High School, journals, sports associations and even a Danish theatre!

North of the border there is a little German minority of 15.000 members which is supported by the Danish State. People from all over Europe come to study this border region and examine the success of Danish-German cooperation after centuries of hostilities.

Inside Rønshoved Højskole

Rønshoved Højskole was founded in 1921 after the reunification with Denmark in 1920. Many of our students have become politicians e.g. in the Danish Parliament, The European Parliament and even in the American Congress.

We have a staff of teachers who are well endowed both intellectually and spiritually. They express engagement and professional attitude while appealing both to the intellectual and the common youth.

Subjects & themes

More than 55 subjects

At Rønshoved Højskole you have the choice between more than 55 subjects which you can put together at your own will. We are not a fixed course/themed school where you can have only one type of subject. At Rønshoved Højskole it is only your imagination that limits the combination of subjects.

You can choose subjects from these categories:

- History & Society

- Music & Art

- Sports and outdoor activities

- Languages & Culture

Practical information

We live next to the Fiord of Flensburg. The nature around the school is
stunning. We have our own beach, bathing jetty and boats (wayfarer
dinghies and kayaks) that give you the opportunity to explore the area both during our teaching hours and also in your spare time.

At Rønshoved Højskole we have individual and double room accommodation. All our students also share a common area with the other students in a homely environment with a nice atmosphere.

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Rønshoved Højskole - Højskolen ved Flensborg Fjord
Højskolevej 4
6340 Kruså
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