Nordfyns Højskole


Opportunities of life

At Nordfyns Højskole you will explore opportunities of your life - you are moving.
In our community you will find confidence and love so that you will be able to set up new goals for your life. You also learn to take care, open up and learn from others.
At our school we focus on your potentials. We will meet you with respect and a great interest.

Friends for life.

At our school you will get friends - for some students it will last whole life. New friends make a new meaning of life - at the same time it will create new meaning for you. Being together with students from most of the world gives you great learning opportunities of different cultures and mentalities. You will experience that we are able to communicate either through body language or your voice - although we speak different languages and have very different cultures.

Special classes.

At our school you choose one main subject. This is your main class and here you are challenged in all learning dimensions as well as you are personally developed socially and personally. The main subject is naturally your main interest - often the most important reason for attending our school. But soon you will find out that behind is general folk high school values as well as life values directing at taking responsibility, active participation and creating energy and commitment.


Subjects & themes

At Nordfyns we teach in these main subjects:

  • Active Studying - Personal development - Communication
    (English language).

  • Intelligent Future - sustainable living, community-based development and news ways of democracy and community. (English language)

  • Diet class -this class is about healthy life style. 
  • Life class - about social skills and active citizenship ( handicapped students are welcome)

  • Food and health - about food and sport ( handicapped students are welcome)

  • Creative workshop - about using your fantasy and creating something with your hands ( handicapped students are welcome)

  • General class -the main issue is to be ready for studying - entering the labor market.

  • Social and health class - about welfare and social health work in Denmark ( English language)

Practical information

Here we are situated

Nordf yns Højskole Is a cosy folk high school placed in the village Harritslev outside Bogense on Fyhnen. The school is in a former villlage school from 1914. New student flats are built inside the campus and there is room for 60 students on mainly dobble and single rooms.


Nordfyns Højskole
Fælledvej 11
5400 Bogense
Find vej til højskolen

Telefon: 64 81 32 80
Fax: 64 81 26 30

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