Jyderup Højskole


Jyderup college of politics and arts

Also known as Jyderup Højskole- welcomes students form all over the world!

We are a small college where students live and study together in a social environment for a period from one week to one year.

Jyderup college of politics and arts is subsidized by the Danish government and therefore required to educate parallel to our main subjects in history, humanities and democracy.


Subjects & themes

Our main fields of study are Green Guerilla, Electronic music, Folk music, Songwriting, Gladiator's Author SchoolNordic outdoor life and Art . (Most of these pages are in danish, but you are welcome to contact us on tel: 0045 59 22 44 80 or info@jyderuphojskole.dk -  then we can tell you more)

We have top quality teachers, studios and curriculum, in all of our subjects you will be taught by professionals working at a high level in their field.


- Electronic Music: Teacher Henrik Sundh(Dodebum) Workshops with ELOQ(Cheff Records) Mads Brauer(Efterklang) DJ HVAD

- Folk music: Teacher Michael Graubæk and Nicolai Busk.

- Green Guerilla: a subject made i cooperation with the enviromental organisation NOAH and is a practical subject that tries to find solutions to build a better world.

- Art: This subject focuses on painting, graffiti, graphics, sculptures and more. Workshops with artist Morten Schelde the graffitilegends CMPone, SWET and LOOMIT

- Songwriting: Learn how to write better songs. We have a unique crew of songwriter teachers: Kristoffer Munch(Mellemblond) Per Worm(Winner of the ZULU comedyslam) Mads Mouritz(Mouritz&Hørslev) Ida Wenø(Boho Dancer)


- Nordic Outdoor Life:  Do you get dragged by the big forrests and do you miss hugging a tree? Get theoretical and practical knowledge in nordic outdoor life, so you can be ready for going on adventure in the nordic nature. 

Nordisk Friluftsliv Højskolernes Side 

- Gladiator's School of writing: Do you want to be a writer? In cooperation with the danish publishing house Gladiator, we provide education from some of the countrys best authors. 

Litterær gladiator


Practical information

  • Primarly double rooms with toilth and bath on the hallway
  • Good public transportation 200 m from a station
  • Wifi
  • Beautifull nature right outside the door


Jyderup Højskole
"Sølyst", Sølystvej 2
4450 Jyderup
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Telefon: 59 22 44 80

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