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Welcome to Højskolen Snoghøj - welcome to Denmark!

At Snoghøj you can explore your interests - and find new ones. The helpful teachers and friendly students, together with the many resources of the school, will help you to develop your full potential in a non-academic atmosphere. Then it will be easier for you to decide on your future - whether you want to study or to get a job.

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Subjects & themes

Major long courses

... are for those with a general interest in Danish Studies, Art and Design, Multimedia Applications, Musical Drama and Information Technology. The Explorer short courses guide you to great adventures. These courses help you find your strengths and broaden your knowledge.

Optional subjects

... take up at least half the class time and you choose several subjects from our five areas of learning: art & creativity, communications & psychology, body & motion, language & culture, IT & media. You can chose different options each six weeks or so. These classes develop strong personal skills.

General classes,

study trips, theme days, guest lectures and cultural events are all part of the complete programme to enlighten and entertain you.

Interest Groups

... are set up to help you with hobbies and pastimes during your free time after class. You chose what they will do and how many you join, and a teacher is there to help. They can enlarge your range of abilities and interests.

The Students' Council

... and its Entertainment, Cultural and other committees have special responsibilities and provide direct experience of democracy and responsibility.

Subjects and activities

... are mainly bi-lingual, in Danish and English. Danish Studies is in English, especially for international students, and includes Danish language lessons.

Our broad range of attractive general course options

... can be combined with the special International Programme that includes  modules on Danish language, history, society and culture. This programme can be  an ideal continuation for those over 18 who have participated in the Danes Worldwide summer school as teenagers. It is also an excellent preparation for those living abroad who want to come home to take advantage of Denmark's free university education. The school's staff will advise on options, help arrange visits and interviews and assist with applications to any of the hundreds of third level campuses in Denmark.



Practical information

Snoghøj provides free unlimited access to the Internet. The school lies in the 'Trekant' (triangle) area, right in the centre of the country - you can reach Snoghøj in under two hours from almost anywhere.

Every student leaving Snoghøj knows that there will always be a welcome 'home-away-from home' for them here, dropping in for a meal or a weekend. The people, the place, the atmosphere - you really can't ever forget it! Become part of the Snoghøj family - velkommen hjem!

We look forward to meeting you at Snoghøj


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