Hadsten Højskole


The school is founded on democratic values. The right to think, act and speak freely is fundamental for us. We believe that independent opinions are created when we meet people with other opinions. The school does not belong to any political party or ideology.

The school offers a great variety of subjects, from theoretical ones such as literature and psychology through crafts and music to a lot of different sports. We also offer society- and social studies in English.

Traditionally, Danish students use the stay to get some experience for life, but also to qualify for college, university or other types of education.

We don't offer exams. But this doesn't mean that the students don't gain from the stay, in contrary, often it is much more inspiring, if you're not tested on your knowledge.

It doesn't require special qualification or education to attend the 'højskole'. We do require though, that every student is open-minded and willing to learn.

Hadsten Højskole is quite an old school. For more than a hundred years young people have experienced the fantastic feeling of learning for life. We have room for 60 to 90 students.

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Hadsten Højskole
Østergade 49
8370 Hadsten
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Telefon: 86 98 01 99
Fax: 86 98 22 34

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