Gymnastik- og Idrætshøjskolen Viborg


Our primary aim at the Physical Education College in Viborg is above all the education of local leaders of clubs and associations mainly connected with sport.

The students are all volunteers, who have to pay for the residence and that is perhaps the reason why the motivation, the willingness and the commitment of the students are so good. We have no exams - the students are responsible for their own learning - but of course we have proffessional high qualified teachers.

Gymnastik- og Idrætshøjskolen Viborg is a boarding school where students and staff are living, eating and sharing the challenges of everyday life toghether. The students have the obligation to practice a democratic way of working and living together, even if age, education, national or social background is quite different.

The school is situated on the eastern bank of the lake Søndersø near the old town of Viborg, and the beautiful areas around Viborg are at our disposal for an active outdoor life.

The school itself is also provided with very good facilities. Of course it is the premises for the different types of sport, which dominate the school:

- the sport halls - the stadium - the swimmingpool

- the tumbling hall - the beachvolley courts

- the gymnastic halls

Also the workshops, the music room, the library, the video-editing-room, the lecture room, the fireplace, the TV-room and the kitchenettes are available for the students.

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Gymnastik- og Idrætshøjskolen Viborg
Vinkelvej 32
8800 Viborg
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Telefon: 86 67 20 11

Claus Bo Andreasen
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