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Grundtvigs is a modern boarding school in mostly new buildings situated in Hilleroed 35 km north of Copenhagen.


Grundtvigs Folk High School is one of the oldest Folk High Schools in Denmark. It was founded i 1856. In 1937 it merged with Frederiksborg Folk High School. Since then the official name has been Grundtvigs Folk High School Frederiksborg.


Subjects & themes

Long Courses

From September to May we offer long courses, where mostly young people between 18 and 25 come to live and study here for 2 to 8 months. The main subjects are politics, photography, music, radio, art, writing, philosophy, litterature and journalism as well as theatre, film and sports.

We normally have students from all over the world; Scandinavia, Europe, USA, Japan and the rest of the world. We require basic Danish language skills from our students. This is because the daily language and the language of our courses is Danish. Normally we have between 70 and 100 students on our long courses.

The fee for being a student at Grundtvigs Folk High School starts at 1580 DKK a week - approximately 210 Euro. The price includes a room, meals and education. If you are a citizen from one of the 10 new EU-countries, the Danish Government can support your stay at a Danish Folk High School. If you come from a Nordic country, the Nordic Council will support your stay. Please contact us for more information on financial support.

Short Courses

During the summer we have courses of a weeks duration with specific themes e.g. philosophy, choir or art. The language is Danish.

Practical information

For more information on Grundtvigs Hoejskole please call us at +45 48 26 87 00 or send us an e-mail at


Grundtvigs Højskole
Frederiksværksgade 147
3400 Hillerød
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Telefon: 48 26 87 00
Fax: 48 26 89 49
Elev tlf.: 48 26 23 45

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