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Gerlev Sports Academy

Gerlev is the joy of movement and the rush of the community. It is a chance to discover a whole new world, as we create our lives together. We live at the school, we eat together, train side by side, inspire each other across all nationalities, laugh, hang out, travel and party together - up until the very point when we cannot keep our eyes open any longer.
Whether you are into the art of movement, team sports or outdoor adventures, we have a course that will develop you - as a student, as a practitioner and as a person. 

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Who are you?

No two students are alike - fortunately. And at Gerlev, your starting point is not as important as your willingness to develop yourself. Most of our students are between the ages of 18 and 25.
Through our playful approach we create a sense of community across genders, ages, subjects, and nationalities - at Gerlev one in four students has an international background. The most important thing to bring along is your courage to develop and meet more than a hundred new people, who will become your friends.


Hverdag 2 (8 Of 16)

The Gerlev Sports Academy was founded in 1938 as an international highly respected institution for education of youth leaders for the "sport for all development" in Denmark. It´s difficult to explain what we want you to experience here at Gerlev - here is a former student's description of his stay at Gerlev: Blake's experiences

This is how we will capture your imagination, ignite your inner fire and bring you further!

At Gerlev you will receive special opportunities, unique possibilities and we will challenge you in ways you didn't even know possible. Our commitment is infectious and everybody here is passionate about life, sport and our community.

You will be personally challenged

At Gerlev you will have the opportunity to test yourself, you will be personally challenged in a positive way. Your stay at the sports academy is going to change you. You eat, sleep, laugh and cry together with a 100 other energetic sports students; they will become a part of your life. Your teachers live at the sports academy, so the entire time you will meet them personally, socially and formally in a varied range of environments. Together we create the energetic and positive atmosphere which is the mark of Gerlev.

Enjoy the magical flow which is generated when people merge together in to one group. Enjoy the surprise and feel the joy of the incalculable and unpredictable. Think and discuss LIFE with the others. Experiment, investigate and research your 'life values' along with others. Play, dance, train and be fascinated by the drama and strong emotions - the joy, the disappointment, the 'ups' and 'downs'. You will go further in life with a rucksack full of joy, faith in yourself and motivation to meet other people and make friends for life.

Quite simply; Gerlev takes you further


Gerlev Idrætshøjskole
Skælskør Landevej 28
4200 Slagelse
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Telefon: 58 58 40 65
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