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The school history

Engelsholm has, since its beginning in 1940, followed the social and educational theories of the Danish educator Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig and the concept he developed of a public collage for the general education of the working people.

Engelsholm was unique as it was for both males and females, which was unusual for collages in that time.

In 1947, the teachers training program for handicrafts was established at Engelsholm for the general advancement of Danish embroidery in skill and quality. Since then many young women teachers trained at Engelsholm teach handicrafts in community evening and free time courses. In the 1960´s, the two schools were fused together and that was the beginning of Engelsholm as it is today. The goal of the college since then has been to give young people the best environment to work with art and learn more about them selves.

The castle history

Engelsholm Castle was built in 1593, although the location has a much older history. Knud Brahe bought Engelsholm from his brother-in-law nobleman Erik Lange in 1590 apparently because Erik Lange was in need of money due to the fact that he had been trying to learn the art of alchemy in various universities around Europe. Knud Brahe tore down the original
building to build a new larger building that is the existing Castle. The architect was most likely the famous astronomist Tyge Brahe. Tyge Brahe´s castle was a unique house unlike any in Denmark, characterized by the four large square corner towers and 12-meter wide large interior rooms.

In 1730 Gerhard Hansen de Lichtenberg began a major remodeling of the Castle into the baroque style we see it in today. During the remodeling, each of the four towers was
fitted with the onion shaped tower spires, as were the nearby churches of Lichtenberg in Nørup and Bredsten. On the south side of the building a large baroque garden was planted; in front an enormous u-shaped barn was built around the large farmyard making Engelsholm into a complete baroque castle and park.
The park will be thoroughly restored in 2007 for many million DKK -
financed by the Real Dania Foundation.

Subjects & themes

The Subjects at Engelsholm

At Engelsholm the student's programs are divided in three blocks including the student's primary subject, secondary exploratory studio course and humanities/social studies. Students choose a primary media and a secondary media and follow the humanities/social studies course.

We offer seven main subjects all on a high level:


Electronic music
Fine Arts
Jewellery design and Goldsmithing

Supplementary subject: VJing

There is 16 lectures of teaching and studio time in the main subject each week.
The teachers are also teaching at the main Art Academies and Conservatories, so you can use this course as a preparation for further studies.
Classes are held in the school's large well-equipped studios situated in the old farm buildings and barns near the castle. The studios are all well equipped with tools, machines, equipment and instruments
and they are open for working 24 hours a day.

These courses are mainly to give students the chance to try working in other media
than their own. Often there is space for students to use the time for deeper involvement in their own department subject. This gives a rich possibility to organize an individual and inspiring weekly schedule.

The Humanities/Social Studies courses are in the fields of personal identity, philosophy, history and philosophical subjects. They put life, the times, society and art up for debate. These studies help to put your life and your approach to your art in perspective and this is an opportunity to learn more about your self, society, about the times, the political world and about visual expressions- helping you express your self artistically, politically and verbally.

Primary Media Departments

Humanities/Social studies

  • Music history
  • Film studies
  • Art History
  • Life Drawing with Croquis
  • Danish language and Culture
  • The creative personality
  • and more...

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Practical information

What is a Folk High school?

A few beautiful historic building do not make a dynamic learning environment. Life is wonderful and we must live and enjoy it here and now. Engelsholm Folk High School is a lot more than a
beautiful old castle from 1593. Here is where people and their opinions meet and attitudes are developed. A Folk High School is a framework around a way to live together, a way to a deeper familiarity with people. Students and faculty live in and nearby to the castle where good food is shared together at mealtimes, fees for courses include room and board. Folk High Schools are famous in Scandinavia for the social life, coziness and activities in the evening.

At Engelsholm we know that people need creative challenges to be inspired and to develop. Here we produce creatively but do not mass-produce. We take craft skills seriously and know that improvement in skill takes a calm environment for involvement. Lake, forest, park surrounded the historic buildings; the tranquility is incredible when we want it.


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