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Design School Hoejer is a new and modern design school with full focus on design and innovation in three main areas;

  • Game design & Animation
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Visual & Digital Design

No matter which direction you choose, we will teach you a lot of tools and creative ways of working, which can be used if you want to apply for further higher education. For example, The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Kolding School of Design, The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture & Design or equivalent education. All our courses have this in common -they are creative, innovative and tickles your curiosity and creativity.

We mix classic subjects like drawing, graphics, music with various contemporary subjects such as game design and User Interface design. We adjust our courses to the community, and teachers are design professionals from experienced companies. Together with teaching social life, events, café evenings, etc. will make your stay something special.

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Subjects & themes

Main courses


In this course you'll learn about game design and animation. You will learn about the creative process you must go through to create them; drawing, programming, rendering, storyboards and more. You will be taught by professional designers - illustrators, art directors, animators, filmmakers, game developers, and will meet experts of animation and game industry. READ MORE



We will teach you how to develop and design for the digital world. You will work with graphic design, app design - branding - fotoshoting - blogs - film - aestetics - composition - drawing and much more. You will be taught by some of the industry's best designers, and will meet professional developers of apps from design agencies, graphic designers, filmmakers and illustrators. READ MORE



In our course - Fashion & Accessories - you will learn to design both classic and modern fashion and accessories. You will learn how to combine this with innovative ideas, technologies and smart textiles. You will be taught by some of the industry's most talented designers and will meet experts from the fashion industry. READ MORE

Practical information


Design School Hoejer is located in a unique geographical area - The Wadden Sea National Park. The landscape is flat and the sky is the limit, which gives you time and space for your creative expression. Design School Hoejer provides an unique opportunity for young people with an interest in design, innovation and interactive communication. Our design workshops contain photo printers, laser cutters and 3D printers which can help you to visualize  your ideas in 3D and create amazing looking products.



You are welcome to come and visit us and see the school. Call principal Amy Hamilton + 45 9244 1283 or send an email to


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Registration fee DKK 1500

Deposit DKK 2000 (incl. Key deposit of  DKK 350). The amount will be returned upon departure, if there are no damages to school furniture or lost keys.

Teaching materials DKK 2500

General Study tour and excursions DKK 3000 + pocket money

Large Study tour outside the EU DKK 6000 + pocket money (optional to participate).



If you wish to join our design program please fill out one of the forms for our spring or autumn courses CLIK HERE


Designhøjskolen Højer
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